The manufacturing sector contributes about 11% of Kenya’s GDP on average annually. The main subsectors in the manufacturing industry are Agro-processing industries, metal and construction, electrical and electronics, chemicals, mining and quarrying. Food processing carries the biggest bulk with more than 1,200 companies processing food and beverages. The manufacturing sector has been expanding annually at a rate of about 1.4% per annum owing to the improved power supply, increased supply of agricultural products, favorable tax reforms, tax incentives and liberal trade incentives that have allowed manufacturers to take advantage of the expanded market through AGOA, COMESA and EAC. This makes the Kenyan manufacturing sector the most developed in the region. The formulation of the National Exports Strategy has helped improve competitiveness in the sector by expanding into new markets. The licensing process has been simplified by introducing a one stop shop for all requisite licenses through the Kenya Investment Authority. Tax incentives have also been introduced to encourage foreign investment.

This firm helps investors in incorporation and licensing of manufacturing companies with ease. The firm also advises the companies on compliance with the law and helps them to set up business by acquiring all the necessary licences.