The Information Technology (ICT) and Media Communication industries have an important implication for the growth of Kenyan economy. Currently ICT is not only a host to new industries and services but also an enabler that is central to business just as are roads, ports and electricity among others. Innovative use of ICT therefore offers enormous potential benefits for communities and local economies. Development of ICT and Media Communication Sectors in Kenya is bound to open new job opportunities, improve access to information and services, increase efficiencies for business and transform our government to be more responsive.

The robust advancement in this sector has been witnessed through the development in the mobile phone communication industry and the advent of such services as M-Pesa, a mobile-phone based money transfer.

The Media and Communication industry on the other hand has seen a proliferation of radio and television stations, companies distributing content through new media, internet-based businesses and publishers, a situation that has precipitated the enactment of various legislations to regulate the industry, allowing the necessary freedom for their operations and continued growth as well as opening up new frontiers for litigation.

Our firm’s   broad knowledge is a key factor in the successes it has experienced and we have represented various clients in the Telecom industry, the media and technology firms.