Banking and Real Estate

Banking and Real Estate

The firm has a devoted team of Banking and Real Estate lawyers. We act for banks, financial institutions, individual clients, commercial clients and provide the following services to our clientele.

Bank Security Documentation

The firm is in the panel of various banking institutions in Kenya and is engaged in the preparation and perfection of security documents over loans by individual or corporate clients to ensure that the banks are protected in all respects and to ensure compliance with the relevant laws. We draft and register charges, debentures, mortgages, re-conveyances of mortgages and discharges

Securities Reviews

We carry out security reviews for banking institutions over properties offered as securities for loans by individuals or corporate clients and advise on the sufficiency of the securities.

Advisory on Real Estate Development

Our firm offers legal advisory services to real estate developers, investors, lenders, and business users in the acquisition, development, financing, sale and leasing of real estate. We advise on the structures of real estate transactions and assist in the negotiation of complex real estate matters. We also draft the necessary legal documentation specific to each real estate transaction.

Real Estate Acquisition Advisory

The firm offers advisory services to individual or corporate clients wishing to acquire immovable properties. We conduct due diligence on the properties (comprehensive review of title documents and searches at relevant registries). We also prepare sale agreements, transfers, assignments, leases and ensure that our clients’ interests are secured.